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Traditional businesses on the Internet

Have you ever thought of putting your business on the Internet, but simply not known where to start or youre not sure whether the Internet is really meant for your business

Creating Your Own HTML Email Templates in Outlook

Step 1

The Top 10 Essential Ingredients of Every LINUX HOSTING Plan Package

Any website comprises the following – Domain name, Webspace, Webpages.

Five Tips to Launching a Successful Message Forum

Forums a.k.a. "message boards" can be great marketing tools for your website. They attract repeat visitors and provide a meeting place for them to share their thoughts, ideas, questions and concerns.

Eliciting Constructive Website Feedback

"Its good." "Youve done a nice job." "I dont like it."

Most Common Search Engine Optimization Mistakes

Understanding exactly what search engines do and what search engine optimization is seems to elude many new website owners when first starting out. The fact is that when you’re not familiar enough with the industry to determine SEO fact from SEO fiction can only mean trouble for your website. Could you be making those same mistakes with your site

Tips to Maintain your Website to Keep Visitors Coming Back

When you design a website you should create it so that your visitors are constantly coming back for more. In order for you to keep your visitors coming back you need to keep up with maintaining your website, and offering things that will keep your visitors busy.

Be Creative before you Purchase or Create a Website

Before you jump into spending coutnless hours on designing and publishing your website, or spending hundreds on having it done by anyone else you should plan out your full design or structure. This is very important so that when it comes time to do this long-lasting project you will be well prepared.

Search Engine Optimization Tools

Well, I bet many of you have been trying to find tools to help you in optimizing your website for search engines. So I thought I would throw together an article with a list of really useful tools and of course ill give you a link to their websites so you can download them to!

Online Marketing Law! Whats Happening

You read that right. Theres a new law in California for online marketing. This law is thanks to the Californias Online Privacy Protection Act.

Web Accessibility Myths

With more and more countries around the world passing laws about blind and disabled access to the Internet including the Disability Discrimination Act in the UK, web accessibility has been thrown into the spotlight of the online community. This article attempt to put a stop to the misinformation that has been thrown around and tell you the truth behind web accessibility.

The DRC Blew It

The DRC Disability Rights Commission recently announced the results of their year-long investigation into the accessibility of 1000 websites. The DRCs report http://www.drc-gb.org/publicationsandreports/2.pdf concluded that most websites are highly inaccessible, with over 81% not even meeting basic standards of accessibility.

Manchester United: Top of the web accessibility league

A while ago Manchester United launched a separate accessible version of their website, manutd.com/access. Theres been lots of publicity surrounding this accessible website and it even picked up an award. This accessible version doesnt offer as much content as the main website but it has all the accessibility features you could dream of: resizable text, ALT tags, screen reader optimisation etc.

Image Formats-GIF, JPEG, BMP

When browsing the internet you are likely to come across many different image formats. However, the most common formats are: CompuServe GIF, JPEG, and Bitmaps.

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