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Getting Your Site Seen By Search Engines

Is your website listed on search engines When people search for you, does your site show up on page 1 or page 20 of the search engine results

Using Google AdWords to Increase your Adsense Profits

I had been using Googles Adsense program to generate some revenue from my various web sites. Prior to Adsense, I was never previously paid to run these and did so for a hobby. Overall I was pleased with the income I was generating. The only drawback was that I was always looking for ways to get people to my sites. I enjoyed working to bring in more visitors but felt that if I looked at my earnings vs. the hours I worked, the economics werent making sense.

The Five Rules Of Influential Web Writing

Building a professional reputation requires a campaign founded on your words: the positions you endorse, the motions you advocate, the accuracy of your vision. Writing for the Web can either establish your expert credibility or destroy it.

Can Your Visitors Contact You From Your Website

Argh, wheres the contact button! Believe it or not, some websites just DONT WANT any visitors even customers to CONTACT them. Theres no email address, no contact form, no NOTHING!

Choosing the Right Web Designer


The ‘Website’ CHECKLIST : Domains, Hosting, Web Design

This article is meant to all who already have a website or who propose to buy it. Website – the term comprises three things : Domain, Hosting Web space & Web Design

Flash Deadly Sins that can kill your web business

Looks like every client wants a Flash site these days but the reality is...as flashy as these sites may look, there are many negatives you may want to consider before delving into Flash.

Creative Offline Website Marketing Techniques

Although the vast majority of website traffic is the direct result of search engines, there are many offline marketing techniques that can be used to draw customers to your website. The examples listed below are but a few ways in which you can market your online presence to an offline audience in an inexpensive manner. Some of the examples listed below even can be implemented at no extra cost!

How to Prepare Your Project before You Order Website Design

Are you serious about get this website done fast and clear and want to make money with your website Then you will absolutely need some good web design agency to build the website of your dream and that it the aim, right

The Disability Discrimination Act DDA & Web Accessibility

Theres been widespread speculation about the new legislation being introduced under the DDA Disability Discrimination Act, which will ensure that websites are accessible to blind and disabled users. Try to find specific information about it on the Internet and chances are youll come up empty handed.

Benefits Of Making Your Website Accessible To Disabled Users – Part 2: The Business Case

The Disability Discrimination Act states that service providers must not discriminate against disabled people. A website is regarded as a service and therefore comes under this law.

How Disabled Users Access The Internet

In 1995 a new era of accessibility for disabled people began. The Disability Discrimination Act was passed, stating that:

Elements of Graphic Design for Your Website

We’ve all seen them. Poorly designed web sites that make you cringe as soon as they load. But how do you keep your website from becoming, well, ugh. You could hire a professional web designer, and that’s expensive, or maybe you already hired a professional, or someone who claims to be professional, and you don’t like what they’re doing with your site. It all comes down to the K.I.S.S. principle; keep it simple stupid. And you’re probably asking well what does this really mean for web design.

How To Design Your Website

This article is for people who are new to web designing and want some idea how to design your web site so as to gain maximum traffic on their website.Here in this article i will show you how to present information want in your web site. Many people while designing their web sites do not consider the needs of the user .I myself,a few days back was looking for some information. Like all of us do,i opened google and typed in the keywords and i certainly got many good links on the screen .I went on and clicked on one of the link.On reaching the page,i found some more links but no information .I went inside the link looking for information and again i found more links but still no valuable information .I got frustrated and i logged off from the net.

Five Common Web Design Mistakes

There are often many mistakes encountered when creating a webpage or website. Learn about the top five website mistakes, and how to avoid them.

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