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Web Site Monitoring Is A Global Necessity

Bill Huang sits down at his computer. As he connects to the Internet, he glances out at the sun poking its nose above the Hong Kong skyline. It will be another busy day, and he has to order those slippers for his wife before rushing off to a meeting.

Search Engine Optimization and Web Site Usability

Build a Web site and the people will come.

Part I : Getting Free Hits Using These Simple Tips & Tricks

Search Engine Optimization

Enhance Your Website With A Yahoo-Style Directory

Does your website have a links/resources page

what Do Your Site Statistics Mean, Anyway

What Do Your Site Statistics Mean, Anyway

Are You A Bill Clinton Webmaster

One of the most frequent questions I get asked about my ebook, Dont Get Banned BY The Search Engines, is whether I amended it to include post-Florida Google. "Florida" is the code name that search engine optimizer wizards gave to a November, 2003, shakeup at Google that left many webmasters covering themselves up with makeshift fig leaves while dangling upside down above the proverbial crocodile moat.

Keywords: The First Step To Recognition

Open Wordtracker [ http://www.wordtracker.com/ ] and youll see following proclamation by Brent Winters, President, FirstPlace Software, Inc., the makers of award-winning web promotion software, WebPosition Gold [ http://www.webposition.com/ ]:

The Reality of Successful Web Site Today

For a number of reasons, the analysis of customers feedback is too often given little attention. Still, people who ignore research are as dangerous as generals who ignore decodes of enemy signals c David Ogilvy. Its an inexcusable omission for those, who strive for having a successful web site. There are dozens of ways to receive feedback and unlimited ideas for your customer service improvement in it. But you cant afford phone everybody from your CRM list or correspond with each customer via email or regular mail. It will flatter them but bother you. Fortunately there is such a magic tool as web-based forms, which allow site owners to automate the process and to use the received data in your analysis; the analysis, aimed at your web site usability optimizing.

Simplify Your Web Site for Clarity and Ease of Use

There are plenty of web sites out there in which basic elements of design are ignored. The viewer may experience overkill and frustration, instead of gently receiving the message or information. Here are some simple ways to help clarify your web sites message for your company or organization. Use the web as a tool for sales, community contact, and to improve, rather than detract from a business entity’s image.

How Do I Submit My Site To Search Engines

Youve built up a good site, put in a lot of content, but none of the search engines lists your site If youd like to know how to go ahead with Search Engine Submission the right way, read on.

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