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Tips For An Effective Website

A successful website is something that everyone venturing into the new arena of Internet marketing and communications wants to have. Your website will often be a potential client’s first impression of you and your business. That being said, it is vitally important that your website represent you in a favorable manner. Your website is a component of your overall marketing strategy and should be reflective of your business and current marketing presentation. Just as your brochures and other print materials represent a level of quality and professionalism, your website should also represent that same level of quality and professionalism. As a point of comparison, you most likely wouldn’t have just anyone design your company’s marketing materials or for that matter, prepare your tax statements. Similarly, it is important that the person creating your website know how to effectively communicate both your message and style, and be able to create an effective experience for those visiting your site.

How To Choose A Website Designer

Now that you have decided that it is time to create a website for your business there are many questions you must answer. One of the most important questions is "Who should create my website"

How Much Does A Website Cost

To receive a complementary consultation and free quote for your website project, complete our project survey form located here.

Bulk Email, Spam, and Email Marketing

Excerpted from PlanetLinks Enews - an email newsletter delivered for FREE to your computer. To subscribe, go to www.planetlink.com

Email tips and tricks

Excerpted from the upcoming book The Busy Persons Guide to a Profitable Website and PlanetLinks Enews - an email newsletter delivered for FREE to your computer. To subscribe, go to www.planetlink.com.

How Can I Stop Getting Spam

Are you getting too much spam We all are, but if youre a webmaster the word spam takes on a whole new meaning.

Creating A Quality Web Site Design!

In this article, I will attempt to cover the basics of creating a great quality web design template for your site. Now its a known fact that the layout or "eye candy" as I put it will determine whether your visitors will stay more than 15 seconds or they will just become another statistic.

How To Build Your First Web Site

Getting Started!

50 Surefire Web Design Tips

Tips to brand your website Include your logo in all pages. Position it at the top left or each page. Complement your logo with a tagline or catchy sentence that summarizes your business purpose. For example "Always low prices" is the tagline for Wal-Mart. Create a favicon. A favicon is that small graphic that appears next to the URL in the address bar. Have a consistent look and feel in all your pages. Use a color scheme and layout that are clearly recognized across your site. Have an About Us section, that includes all relevant information about you and your business. Include a copyright statement at the bottom of each page.

Can They Use Your Website In A TV Broadcast About Scams

When you designed your website, you probably dreamt about how wonderful it would be if one day a popular TV program featured it, and you would become famous overnight, and make lots of $$$.

The Contrast And Similarities Between A Web Designer And Web Programmer

The concept of web designing based on the nature and rapid growth of the Internet is nothing to boast of any more. This is because of the large number of web sites published to the Internet everyday, so as to showcase one’s presence and dominance on the World Wide Web. You may ask why this is so, well, the so simple answer is the rate at which technology is evolving.

Is Reciprocal Linking Dead

Is reciprocal Linking dead

Metrics Matter!

Recently, I talked with a speaker about her "extremely successful" Website. She based this opinion on the fact that she was selling several e-books every day and generating "some calls". When I asked if she was reviewing her traffic analysis, she said "No, why should we - its clearly working - we can tell that from the sales". I didnt ask if she knew how her sales and calls compared to the actual visitor numbers for the site - I suspected that shed have been shocked to learn how many more opportunities she was losing.

Web Hosting: To Switch or to Stay

That’s a question that can only be answered by you. Depending on your current status and relationship you have with your provider, along with your evolving business objectives and needs, can determine what course of action to pursue. What are your issues and concerns Ask yourself some basic questions and see where you stand after you’ve answered them. -Are you no longer satisfied with your current provider -Did they deliver on the level of services that you signed up for -Has technical support and customer service been to your satisfaction -Or has your business grown considerably, and the hosting company cannot provide you with the level of capability and technical support you require

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