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Should You Renew With Your Current Host - Your Website In The Year 2005

Sometime during this year the chances are youre going to have to renew your hosting package. Can you be sure you’re still getting the best deal for your site

The Basic Facts About Business Web Hosting

There are a number of hosting options, from free to dedicated servers. Let’s spend a few moments and look over the options.

Custom Hooks in TierDeveloper

Custom Hooks is another powerful and most demanding feature provided by TierDeveloper. Custom Hooks work like database triggers. It could be your own business logic that you can activate before or after performing some database actions. PreHooks and PostHooks are two ways, provided by TierDeveloper, through which you can embed your own logic in the generated code. Pre hook methods are called before the database access is performed whereas post hook methods are called after the database operations are performed.

Colors for Your Website

Oh Yes ..Colors! There are hot ones, cool ones, earthy colors, spiritual colors and every other shade in the rainbow! What colors should you use for your website

Web Accessibility. . . Making your Pages Friendly to People with Disabilities

Did you know that nearly 20 percent of all Web users have some form of disability

Should you Purchase a Turnkey Site or Build Your Own

You see them all the time, pre-packaged websites selling everything from acorns to zinc. Most of them have a nice professional look about them, with good pictures and graphics. Of course, the sales literature with the offer telling you how youre going to make a gazillion dollars!

Web Hosting Basics

So youre about to embark on your first web project and youre wondering where on earth to start Well, one of the first things youll need is a web hosting package. There are so many out there it can seem daunting to try and choose one. In this article well teach you the basics to help you make an informed decision.

The Smallest Is The Best!.. As Long As It Serves Its Purpose.

It is true! In graphics optimization, seen as a part of website optimization, the smallest is the best. Of course, the element in question should still serve its purpose of being the expression of an idea. Furthermore, it should be understandable, clear, suggestive and good-looking. Lets see together which could be the right choices in terms of web graphics optimization when we decide what type of graphics we’ll use on a website.

Developing a Login System with PHP and MySQL

This article is written by daBoss. daBoss is the Webmaster of Designer Banners. daBoss can be contacted at sales at designerbanners dot com.

Web-site designing Pillars part2


Difference between Shared and Dedicated Web Hosting

This article will explain the key differences between 2 web hosting services available today: shared and dedicated web hosting.

Are You Getting The Most From Your Meta Tags

As any Web Business startup knows, creating a Website is a bunch of work! You have to bother with content, layout, graphics and HTML links, just to name a few. What about your Meta Tags

If you need More Targeted Visitors to Your Site this Will get the Free Traffic Flowing

If you dont know by now one the best ways to attract free traffic to your site is with articles. You find them in your email. You find them on any website that provides useful content. Take a look and you will see they are all formatted the same way.

The Benefits Of Having a Country Top Level Domain TLD Name

Most new websites tend to look for a domain name with a .com or .net tld Top Level Domain. They feel this gives the site a more professional appearance and will appeal to a more international audience and in many cases this is true. However, it can also be beneficial to look at purchasing a domain name with a country specific tld.

How to Select a Web Site Host

So, you know how to create HTML files web pages and want to start a website. You have a domain name but dont know where to store the files web host. You find countless web hosting companies offering a wide range of products but you cant make heads or tails of all the features to decide which plan is right for you.

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