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including how to build a fantastic website, all the elements you need to consider and how to make it work with little or notechnical abilities.

Choosing a Hosting Service: A Checklist for Business Owners

For a website to appear on the Internet, you require a “server” that is usually provided by a web hosting company. Hosting companies are paid monthly, quarterly or yearly. Some companies come with guarantees, too. Recommendations from other business owners and web designers are excellent ways to find a good hosting service.

Hexadecimal Color Notation on the Web

When designing elements for your webpage, you will often be called upon to specify a color. For example, the code for a span shown below specifies that the color of the text within the span will be yellow.

404 Error Pages-What are they and how do you create one

We’ve all seen them, you’ve been browsing a website and you click a link and nothing loads apart from the words ‘404 Error’ along with the usual stuff.

Windows vs Linux : Hosting

The Basics of Linux & Windows :

How Does Your Website Measure Up

Does your website make a good first impression Is the navigation intuitive Is the content appropriate for your audience Youve had your website up and running for a while now but youve always had a nagging suspicion that your website is lacking effectiveness and you just cant put your finger on it. Youve dabbled with colors, added/removed images re-written the text but it still feels as if everything just isnt working together. Wouldnt it be nice if you had a way to sort things out Well now you do!

eCommerce, How much does it cost

Making profits with your existing website design or creating a new online store can be exciting, affordable and most of all; rewarding. Mmmm . . . thats what the last sales guy told me.

Are Web Templates Worth It

First off, I am a designer. Now youre thinking, heres this guy trying to convince me to hire a designer costing a few hundred to a few thousand dollars instead of buying a pre-made web template for about $60. Well, these days most companies dont have the money to invest in a costly web site and there are thousands of hungry web designers out there, plus now there are web template resources. These resources can equal great value and effectiveness for the customer as well as increased business for the web designer.

Integrating Advertising into Your Web Design

If you are going to be placing ads on your website, youll want to put some thought into how youll integrate them. Poor integration of ads into your website will cause visitors to click away fast. Successful integration of ads into your site can be highly profitable. Before I show you where to position ads, I want to mention a few important points about ads.

E-Commerce Is Back On The Fast Track

How much holiday shopping did you do on-line this year If you are reading this, then chances are good that you made at least one purchase on-line. Over 54% of all Americans did it [1]. A much higher percentage >80% of Internet users did it.

Determine Your Popularity On The Web

"Mirror mirror on the wall, whos the fairest of them all" Im going to bet that its not you, um I mean, not your website. With all of the new websites popping up all over the place how do you know where you rank How popular is your site compared to the next one

If You Build It They Will Come - Not Without Web Marketing!

Im sure everybody has received an email from a company promising to get their website placed first on all the major search engines. Maybe some of you have even tried these services or may be thinking about it right now.

Basic Web Design Principles

Home Page

CSS - Maximum Benefits

What is CSS

Web Hosting: Which Is The Host With The Most

So you want to publish a web site do you Welcome to the club. These days it seems that almost everyone has a web site of some kind, and thousands more continue to be launched every day. Its challenging enough to design a site and fill it with interesting content, but when all is said and done another challenge still remains - where to host it

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